Noxbox - services all over the world with a single click


Noxbox - service that allows you to obtain the service you need in the right place at fair price and at convenient time with a single click. Services market - drinking water delivery, massages, haircuts, meditation lessons and cleaning, photo sessions and planting trees. Try it now!


Possibility to receive and provide services all over the world with a single click, as you’ve always wanted


The rating system based on blockchain will ensure high quality of services and high responsibility of the performers


Crypto currency will be used for payments for the services provided.


World Labour Exchange

Mobile application NoxBox

Allow you upload selfie and post your service

Notify when someone request your service

Ask you to verify other person photo

Process payment and store history with ratings for you

Our team

Noxbox parents

We are inspired by the idea of improving the world, saving the time of people all over the world, serving as a guarantor of service quality of and payments. We will do our best to fulfill our promises to the full extent and on time

Nicolay Lipnevich

CEO, founder. Passionate author and architect with 5 years experience in system architect

Marina Lipnevich

Author. Leader of the testing area with 3 years team lead experience

Vladislav Kravchenok

Android Application Author

Victory Dvornikova



Victor Scherb

CEO of mapping and navigation OsmAnd with 3 year of processing Bitcoin

Stanislav Lozichny

The Creator and Head of Qigong and Oriental Massage School

Dmitry Markevich

Financier and successful businessman. Owner of Royal Hall, TechElectroCT

Vladimir Ninov

MBA, CEO Waves ICO Webcoin

Alexandr Karpovich

Ethereum smart contracts developer with 4 years experience